The essential aim of my work is to help myself and others to realize the inner space.

In art, in creativity, there is the possibility of a kind of free movement experienced as a joining of the senses where aspects of the glory of pure allowance may manifest. That allowance is key to becoming more spacious and in turn, more open to the changes that come with life and death.

We can become caught in the sensual storm of our lives at times, separating and diagnosing ourselves and our actions based on a limited view of ourselves as human beings. We often believe we are our senses and so we act in accordance with that. That can shut us down and close us off. Practicing creativity develops the capacity to distinguish sensual perceptions which in turn melds sensual perceptions, a seeming paradox. It is this, the paradoxical experience, once meditated upon, which grants us the opportunity of entering the inner space through the uniting of opposites.


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