Valuable Aspects of Inner Journeying

This short text is meant to be a general overview of a few of the important aspects of inner journeying from my point of view. It is meant to be accessible to those who have a genuine curiosity about the process that I've developed and to elaborate upon the subject for those who have already learned my method.

Inner journeying is a term I prefer to use to describe a kind of shamanic journeying technique that I've been practicing regularly for just over a decade now. So, what is it and what does one do with it? Well, its a lot of things. First of all its engaging with the imagination in an interactive way. Its time for oneself, with oneself. Its learning new things. These are just some of the more surface level descriptions for it. But as a rule this type of practice brings one beyond the surface of things. It can propose solutions to emotional dilemmas. It can inspire creative thinking and ideas. It can respond to a need for quiet, private healing. It can serve as a backbone for spiritual practice. And it can, and will, surprise the practitioner, over and over again.

The most important intention I personally have around inner journeying is to keep myself in contact with the rest of the universe and creation, to basically keep me spiritually plugged in. Each time I engage with the practice I feel that I'm touching base with myself, grounding in the inner adamantine me which is not controlled by outer circumstances. Secondarily, once I've grounded in it, I use inner journeying as a way of exploring. No matter the type of exploring I do it generally always comes to fit into a single category - the optimization of the spiritual connection.

There are layers in the psyche which the average person does not often venture within. These layers have to do with subtle programming. They have to do with memory, but not just simply recalling things. They have to do with the re-possession, with the re-membering, of things from a different kind of perspective. I call this perspective a spiritual perspective and I define that as being a perspective which is discerning, which is able to cut through a sense of loss or gain in any memory to a more hidden core potential and rest in it. This potential could be called the essence of a particular memory and it is free of any agenda.

The essence of a memory is valuable in that it contains the power to transform, to re-position and re-describe value itself. The kind of values that we as human beings share are based on memories. These memories may be cultural, familial, personal...either way, they are memories. Choosing to transform value by exploring memory using discernment is something one must do on their own for their own reasons. I have chosen to do this and I use inner journeying as a method of doing it.

How to arrive to the essence of memories is something I have had to discover over time, over many years. Through many significant scenarios which played themselves out in my life and which asked of me to bring myself to a more discerning perspective, an earnest dedication to learning arose in me. With this earnest dedication to learning I willed myself to the point where I was able to realize how to access some of these psychic layers of memory through inner journeying. This highlights the will as being a valuable aspect of inner journeying.

The will is a vehicle that can take you into the deep recesses of memory but only if it has enough fuel. So, what is the fuel that the will requires? In the beginning my inner journeys were short. I could not sustain the concentration and patience that it took to remain observant of what was going on for long. I realized that my will required these things in partnership to be able to sustain itself in an inner journey for any amount of time. The development of concentration and patience then became a focus and whenever I'd initiate an inner journey I'd intend toward learning how to become more proficient in one or the other (or both).

Concentration and patience began to develop as I engaged more with my inner senses. For instance, patiently spending time concentrating on visualizing singular objects, symbols or figures eventually led to being able to visualize dynamic scenes containing all of these. Beyond visualizing I engaged with inner hearing - listening to inner sounds and to figures speaking. When it came to picking up on inner speech, at first I would listen and only hear a few stuttered words and would often misjudge whether they were coming from me or from them. By concentrating patiently I slowly began to be able to discern whether it was me or them and gradually became able to engage in sustained dialogue. I also engaged with inner touch - for instance touching the surface of an object, spending time feeling its weight, its dimensions, its texture, also helped me develop concentration and patience.

Engaging with each of the inner senses individually this way allowed me to eventually be able to confidently meld them together. This created sustained inner spaces which my will could explore. No longer solely focused on stabilizing concentration and patience, at this point the meaningfulness of each inner journey increased as I was able to experience and gather more data with ease. This led to forming a new intention which became another important aspect of inner journeying for me. The construction of what I call alchemical memory palaces.

It began with a single memory palace. In an inner journey with a particular figure (what I prefer to call guides) I had discovered an architectural location in a singular landscape which contained many rooms. I became very curious about it and over time I used my will to investigate each and every room that was inside of it. Each room was different from the other. Each contained an array of objects, symbols and guides and some even led to other parts of the landscape which surrounded the memory palace, acting as portals. These other locations included other buildings and what I called settlements - towns and cities. I spent time in each room, utilizing my inner senses to perceive and dialogue, recording my experiences in writing. This led me to creating a written map of the memory palace and the surrounding landscape which I could refer and add to. It helped me to remember the experience of these things, what meanings were associated to them and how they interconnected with each other.

During the process I began to uncover a kind of symbolic language. Before that point I'd had trouble organizing what I knew of symbolism as I hadn't understood how to define its boundaries for myself. I would mostly refer to what others had written in books and on the internet to decode my inner journeys. My combined experiences in the memory palace encouraged me to understand that I could assign personal meanings to each symbol/thing I encountered.

At one point the memory palace was complete in that I'd explored every room inside of it and nothing new was being added. Along the way I'd found a name for it - The Golden School of Light - and naturally I felt that I was graduating from it somehow. By journeying into it with my will and focusing my energy into it for many years I'd uncovered and learned an incredible amount of things. I had also come to an understanding that the inner world was limitlessly abundant with resources to learn from.

I did an inner journey with the intention of going beyond The Golden School of Light and the limits I'd concentrated on that appeared as this particular landscape to discover what lay ahead. Soon I'd discovered a passage which led me underground to a space which opened into an entirely new landscape, with a different topography and different landmarks.

As I used the will to explore this new landscape and understand how it related to the one above it I was alerted to the fact that there were also other 'realms' in the inner world to explore besides this one. I felt connected to the idea of chakras, discs representing different psychic centers aligned one on top of the other along the central energy channel or spine. Within my time in the memory palace a lot of my experiences had spontaneously related to this idea. I understood then that I was currently in the sacral chakra and that The Golden School of Light was in the solar plexus. My next intention then was to discover and map the landscapes of each of the seven chakras.

I spent time doing this and found many different cities and towns and other kinds of locations in each of the landscapes and soon I found other memory palaces within them. I began to investigate these new memory palaces simultaneously, discovering that there were different orders of them. Thus a third important aspect of inner journeying arose for me - the organizing of different orders (schools) of memory within the different psychic centers.

To recap, these are some of the more valuable aspects of the practice that I've found:

Harnessing and utilizing the will

- An explorative vehicle fueled by concentration and patience, developed through the strengthening and melding of the inner and outer senses

The discovery and exploration of alchemical memory palaces

- Storage locations or hubs for the meaningful contents of inner journeys instigated by the will

- Catalyzers for the learning, memorization and understanding of symbolic language

The mapping of inner landscapes containing different orders of alchemical memory palaces

- Organizing different orders of memory within the various psychic centers


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