6 Day Painting Intensive - Sept 4th - Sept 9th 2018

This will be the second workshop in the Alchemist's Guide Workshop Series and will be in the form of an intensive focused on developing a painting in acrylics. In this case the student must bring a finished drawing of their composition and provide their own gessobord or canvas on which to work (no larger than 30x40cm).

Students will learn how to create the imprimatura, or base layer, applying it to create a dynamic background. From here they will step into beginning the underpainting with hightlights and shadows from a mid tone. They will further learn about colour glazing and add layers of refinement to their piece to bring it to resolution. During this process I will teach my 'glasslike' Vitreous Technique, a way of creating fluid glasslike and gemlike effects.

For those students who wish to participate, I will also introduce and teach my Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying the second evening (Sept 5th) beginning at 7:30 pm.

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6 Day Painting Intensive - Sept  4th - Sept  9th  2018



"Tiny Visions" visionary themed show

Opening July 7th, 8-11pm

Runs: July 7th- July 29th

$5 suggested donation on opening night (Donations Help Keep the Hive Alive)

"Tiny Visions"- a collection of tiny, new works by an eclectic group of artists

curated by Radhika Hersey

Allyson Grey, Martina Hoffmann, Mark Henson, Amanda Sage, Michael Divine, Violet Divine, Zena Grey, Dave Zaboski, Morgan Mandala, Randal Roberts, NoMe Edonna, Morgan Sorne, Sergio Barrale Michael Pukac, Kevin Campeau, Micah Ofstedahl and many many more

Hive Gallery



5 Day Workshop! Dec. 9th - 13th 2017

Join me for 5 days of focused creative and alchemical exploration. Learn my Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying and open to sensitively connecting with your inner realms and inner guidance.

Extend into Automatic Drawing, developing a composition based on your journey, and arrive to learning my 'glasslike' Vitreous Technique to distill and paint it in subtle layers in acrylic.

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5 Day Workshop! Dec. 9th - 13th 2017



House of Alchemy!

Some of my paintings will be on display (and will be for sale) amongst the work of other great artists and friends during Brighton Fringe at the House of Alchemy gallery exhibition in May! Here is the list of the other artists taking part, in no certain order:

Kuba Ambrose, Chris Dyer, Marie Guingona, Jennifer Michelle Long, Daniel Mirante, Katie Rose RainbowMaker, Jonathan Solter, Emma Watkinson, Vera Atlantia, Herve Scott Flament, Clive Hedger, Katy McManus, Wrenna Monet, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Somnio8 (Mark Lee), Aum Yami, Michael Garfield, Bonny Hut, Florence Menard, Ainhoa Neith, Amanda Sage, Anna Stanger, Laurence Caruana, Stuart Griggs, Lily Karen, Adam Scott Miller, Mikaela Perera, Mario Schleinzer and Veerachan Usahanun

Feeling blissed and blessed!

House of Alchemy!



VAVA Summer Seminar 2017!

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art presents the Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar 2017! The seminar is held at the gorgeous Ecovillagio Torri Superiore in the foot alps of the Italian Riviera.

'Torri Superiore is unique: a small hilltop village that consists of one labyrinthine building built on five varying levels and containing some 162 different vaulted chambers. The Associazione Culturale Torri Superiore has established its small community through a world-vision based on sustainable agriculture & permacultural design.'

I'm blessed and so happy to be a teacher this year. I traveled from Canada in 2012 to take part in the seminar as a student. The life-changing experience I had there that summer helped me grow deeply as a person and as an artist. It was the launching pad for what would turn into me moving to Vienna and completing the 3 year graduate programme at the academy.

I would encourage anyone with creative passion who is seeking to expand themselves and their knowledge and grasp of technique to seriously consider attending. FYI Last year's seminar was entirely booked up by May. Follow your heart and inner vision and come join us!

'Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the seminar offers 3 weeks of intensive teaching. Students will study intensely under two teachers while benefiting from the instruction of the third. Under Autumn Skye Morrison, students will paint their Soul Portrait in Acrylics. With Laurence Caruana, select students will learn the mystery & alchemy of the Mischtechnik to render their own Visionary Composition. And Kevin Campeau will offer his unique mix of Guided Visualizations and Automatic Drawing to lead students in a rendition of their Spirit Guide in Oil over Acrylics.'

Go to the VAVA seminar page to find out all the details:

VAVA Summer Seminar 2017

I really hope to see you there!!!

VAVA Summer Seminar 2017!



Chiméria 2016!!

Two of my paintings, 'Disciple of Memory' and 'The Sword of Captivation', are currently being exhibited at the Château Fort de Sedan in Sedan, France as part of Chiméria - Festival International des Arts et des Sciences Visionnaires.

I'm so glad they are there and want to thank the organizers for their efforts and for making the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art the guest of honour this year.

I also want to thank Florence Menard and Laurence Caruana for all the work that went into making this possible as well as Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia for helping to transport all the work there and get it hung.

The exhibition runs until Nov 6th.

Chiméria 2016!!



I will be co-teaching the VAVA Summer Seminar 2017!

I'm pleased to announce I will be co-teaching alongside Autumn Skye Morrison and Laurence Caruana at the summer seminar in 2017 in Torri Superiore, Italy! I attended as a student in 2012 and am very much looking forward to returning!

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art

I will be co-teaching the VAVA Summer Seminar 2017!



Chiméria 2016!

I'm happy to announce that two of my paintings will be exhibited at the 11th edition of Chiméria - Festival International des Arts et des Sciences Visionnaires - in Sedan, France from Oct 22 to Nov 6, 2016. These are my upcoming graduate project 'Disciple of Memory' and 'The Sword of Captivation', pictured in the preview gallery

The theme of the festival is 'L'inconscient Vecteur de la Creation Artistique' which translates in english to 'The Unconscious Vector of Artistic Creation'. Just a few of the countries represented - Algeria, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Peru, Ukraine, Cuba....the list goes on.

Visit the Chiméria website for a full list of artists and for more info on the festival.

Chiméria 2016!



Inner Journeying Section & Newsletter Signup

I've created a new section called INNER JOURNEYING where you can read some texts on the subject that I've prepared especially for the website.

They outline my own trifold approach to inner journeying, valuable aspects of the practice, what I call alchemical memory palaces and a form of meditation I use called The Art of Subtle Sensuality. If you've ever been interested in the subjects of shamanic journeying, astral journeying, spiritual alchemy, memory palaces etc. then this is for you. This section is also meant to be a resource for those who've already done an inner journey with me before.

On that note - I've been offering one-on-one (and group) inner journeying sessions for a while now privately and would like to begin offering this to more people. The method can be used in many ways: in conjunction with meditation, for self exploration, for getting inspired with creative ideas if you're an artist or writer, the list goes on...

If you are interested in doing an inner journey with me or have comments or questions feel free to send me a message via my CONTACT section.


Also, if you're interested in staying up to date with me and wish to join the newsletter please press the letter icon at the bottom of any page on my website and enter your email address. I'll be sending these out periodically as things come up!

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Inner Journeying Section & Newsletter Signup



a tribute exhibition dedicated to
by a selection of his students

May 12 - 30th, 2016

Vernissage: May 12th, 7pm
With opening words by his sons
Michael Fuchs and Daniel Friedemann

Getreidemarkt 10
1010 Vienna

"As we dream, all things that
we shall know, come to us unknown.
Art will always be for it is a
celestial behavior - it will never
cease, as some believe these Days -
for there is Despair and lack of Love
to Labor.

Labor is the prayer of Art.
Art will Live for ever and ever
because the Creator is an endless Being -
and genius is not the Exception
but the profound and common Rule
by which the Universe and We are measured.
It is the Foundation of Man and his
World is the Universe. If Art will cease
one day, Man will cease with it."

Ernst Fuchs

Over the course of 50+ years, countless artists from around the world have been inspired by the fantastic and prolific work of Austrian artist, Ernst Fuchs.

If one was lucky enough to find him and be invited to work on a project or study with him, one would often hear: "more white!" as he would guide a developing artist's brush into the realms of optical greys and otherworldly light.

One of the great teachings that he passed on was his interpretation of the early Renaissance technique, now commonly referred to as the "Mischtechnik", which is a layering method of building up an underpainting with egg tempera and then glazing with oil.  From visions of the apocalypse to dreams of paradise, his work is an unfolding mythical narrative, describing scenes from parallel worlds and dimensions.

A direct quote from Ernst Fuchs was "Gemeinsam sind wir stark" ("Together we are strong").  
This embodies the essence of the Visionary and Fantastic Art movements, which have been characterized by collaboration and cooperation.  The vast legacy left behind by this modern master can be claimed by no single artist alone, but lives on as a multi-generational and international inheritance - a family and network of artists that, woven together, represent a cultural gestalt. 

The rippling of the Fuchs transmission will carry on into future generations as his students continue to express memories and messages from precious moments of genius imparted by the master.

Come share in the visions as we gather on May 12th at the Galerie 10 in Vienna, surrounded by art that was generated in honor of the enduring spirit of Ernst Fuchs.

Many artists will be in attendance.


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