The Rose (Metamorphosis)

The psychic project
The healing tool
Spending all of time
Being a fool

Gauging freedom
At a glance
Releasing old enemies
From the tip of the lance

Just a follower of leading
Seeding a feeling
A knight of no banishment
A calm sword
The present captivation innocent
Of how to live

To not stare down
To not arrange the crown
Learning to allow
To make a sincere bow

Thank the suns in the skies and the moons in our eyes
Thank singles that always multiply
The numbers of beings peering into the mind
The light that pours into the fountain of life

How to grow is never optional
Always set to functional
Freeing up bound retention
Is as easy as giving to intention
The will to die without death
Knowing the breath
Keeping the hidden message
At the surface

When you come from below
You flow with growth
From root to petal
Darkness to metal
Lead to be distinct
Gold to rethink
Scanning for the source
Before the first link


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