Mother of the Crocodile

Holding up the water shield
The dome of presence
With mouth sealed
The protection of the weaver
Mother of the crocodile

Charming the residence of truth
Drawing from the yolk of youth
Living open-hearted
In the quarters of the moon
The bow sends arrows
Beyond the sky womb

Piercing birth with death
Discovering the inner space mesh
Containing redness
With whiteness

Vegetative absorption
Learning how to rest
Rescinding contortion
Optioning advanced interest

All players are in agreement
Designing a path through integral descent
Lining up in spectral file
The caving of a problem child
Becomes the shaded point upon the sundial

With conscious priming
Effortless timing uncovers the glories
Grace and rosy alignings
Expound upon our divine stories

Palaces of splendour filled with enchanted delights
The wedding of the column of day with the roof of night
Dreaming awake
Revelation in a twilight state

Spheres of reference
Framing reverence
Liberation of the lovers
Entering union through the memory gate


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