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"Kevin Campeau is an illuminating teacher with a compassionate approach. He offered me options of what I could do with my painting at critical moments and he also fully supported how to best reach my own ideas. Kevin provides neutral feedback that improved my work and inspired me to get back into the studio after learning with him. Kevin holds a deep knowledge of materials, art history, and he is unhindered when demonstrating and sharing his technique. I would recommend anyone who is interested in improving their technical painting skills and willing to journey deeper into their visionary practices to learn with Kevin."
Cory Seyler - Berlin, Germany

Chronicles of the Immaterial Workshop March 2020 Journey Workshop The Alchemist's Guide
Chronicles of the Immaterial
An Inner Journeying Workshop

Vienna, Austria


I'm very happy to announce a new two day workshop dedicated solely to Inner Journeying! Aside from private sessions, up until now I've mainly been teaching this to artists during courses and workshops related to painting and drawing. It has been embraced so deeply in these environments and I've been watching it grow into something amazing and fruitful there which brings me so much joy.

As this new year and new decade is dawning I feel called more than ever to be available as a teacher and to branch out to create more spaces for learning and connection. So this workshop is meant to be accessible to any person who is interested in learning Inner Journeying in an intimate group setting.

An important part of the Inner Journeying process is writing. This is where we can record images, symbols, impressions, feelings and dialogues that arise during the process to be able to decode, study, memorize and reference later. How quickly do the details of a sleeping dream fade from memory when you do not write them down or record them somehow? It is the same with an Inner Journey, which is a kind of waking dreaming. These writings, as they accumulate, become your own 'Chronicles of the Immaterial'.

Day One
I will first guide you in meditation and teach you the Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying. This is the way, the steps to take. In this initial Journey I will show you how to discover and connect directly with your own Spirit Guides/Allies and how to begin connecting with and exercising your subtle inner senses as you explore your imaginal inner realms and spaces. I will then teach you how to decode the content of your Inner Journeys and distill their deeper meanings. This becomes part of developing your own symbolic language over time, based on your own intuitive understandings.

Day Two
In the second Inner Journey I will guide you to discovering and exploring your own Alchemical Memory Palace. This will be a place for you to continuously return to within your imagination, a hub for your internal activity concerned with the practice of exploration and transformation through Inner Journeying.

During these two days I will also present to you some of my own important discoveries about Inner Journeying that I've uncovered over the past 17+ years of dedicated practice. I will share some of my own 'Chronicles of the Immaterial' with you once you've learned the approach and give you insight into what my own long term practice has brought to my life.

At the end of both Inner Journeys you will also have the opportunity to share your experience with the group. I have found this to be an enriching and important part of the process, the group distillation. As we are invited to imagine one anothers inner spaces and to observe the psychic operations within them we can begin to empathize more with each other and connect in a deeper way. It is of course optional for every individual to share or not and choosing not to share is respected.

If you are a free spirit and transformer who is ready right now for anything, who has found their undying curiosity for the mysteries of existence and would like to learn an effective, directed practice for inner transformation from someone with many years of experience, this workshop is fine-tuned for you! This is a kind of treasure that I'm offering to guide you to, a sip of water when you've been travelling far through an inner desert – if you can recognize that and feel called, then come!

This workshop is also a safe space for anyone of the LGBTQ+ community to join. I identify as queer/gay and no form of judgment, prejudice or hate toward anyone will ever be tolerated here.

Lastly, I intend to make this a recurring workshop if all goes well. As I mentioned, I feel called to create more spaces for learning and connection so I plan on this taking place more often!

February 22nd /23rd 2020
1 pm – 5 pm (4hrs) each day
My cozy, private atelier in the 3rd district of Vienna
*I am close to the 71 and O trams, as well as the train at Rennweg. A few minutes walk from the Belvedere Palace and Botanical Garden*
Materials Required:
A notebook and pen or pencil to write your 'Chronicles'. If you might want to make quick sketches alongside the wrighting you can optionally use an A4 sized sketchbook.
I have a fridge for you to store any food or drinks you bring with you. Supermarkets are closed in the vicinity on Sundays
EUR 200 (USD 222) per student
You can choose between PayPal (credit card option available) or Bank Transfer (details given upon request).

** This workshop is limited to 10 people. A deposit of €50 (US $55) must be made at the time of registration in order to reserve a spot. Registration must take place through my website form. This deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the fee must be paid at least one week prior to February 22, 2020. **