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Interested in learning painting or drawing from me?
I teach at art seminars, run my own painting workshops and I offer private art lessons you can take part in.
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Workshop Vienna March 2019 The Alchemist's Guide Workshop Series
The Ethereal Vanguard - Painting your Spirit Ally
Vienna, Austria


Be part of 'The Ethereal Vanguard'.

This will be the fourth workshop in the Alchemist's Guide Workshop Series and will be focused on painting a portrait of your Spirit Ally in acrylics. Your ally can be in human form, in animal form, a combination of both or can even appear as an entirely imaginal creature.

You will first learn the Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying, my time tested method of fluidly activating the inner senses, to help you enter the realms of the imagination to meet with your spirit ally or allies and journey with them. The essential meanings of the individual parts of your journey will be further uncovered and distilled for you. *Please see below.

From here you will learn how to create a textural imprimatura or base layer, the 'Prima Materia' of your painting, inviting unexpected elements to appear. You will learn how to transfer your composition and begin a monochromatic underpainting, developing values and creating volume and depth with shadows and highlights from a mid tone. You will further learn about colour glazing and adding layers of refinement. During this process I will teach my 'glasslike' Vitreous Technique, a way of creating fluid glasslike and gemlike effects which can be incorporated into your piece.

I ask that before the workshop you develop an idea or two for a composition for yourself. Prepare a set of photo references and/or drawn references which you can use to begin picturing the portrait. If you wish to do a human face, bring a good photo of that face printed at the size of the gessobord that I am providing you. You may also draw the face (but please bring the photo reference along). If you want to paint an animal, same idea. If you want to paint an imaginal creature, prepare a drawing of it at that size. There will be no drawing time set aside during the workshop. Bring other photos that might inspire forms and colour choices/combinations for you. You are also welcome to bring your laptop/tablet to view your references on. Feel free to send me a message if you need some advice with your references.

Materials I provide you:
One Ampersand gessobord per student – size is 24x30cm, acrylic painting medium, tracing paper, transfer paper, masking tape, paper towels, light table, cups for paint water, spray bottles and access to my collection of Old Holland and Golden Acrylic paints if you do not have your own. Refer to the separate Materials List on my website to know what you need to bring with you.

*Due to time, the main purpose of doing the journey will be to teach you the approach and for inspiration during the painting process, rather than deciding on a final composition.

March 2nd /3rd and 9th /10th 2019
10 am - 6 pm (1pm - 2 pm Lunch break) each day
My private Atelier: Hohlweggasse 1/ Top 3, 1030 Vienna
*I am close to the 71 and O trams, as well as the train at Rennweg. A few minutes walk from the Belvedere Palace and Botanical Garden*
EUR 280 per student for 4 days
You can choose between PayPal (credit card option available) or Bank Transfer (details given upon request).

** This workshop is limited to 5 people. A deposit of EUR 100 must be made in order to reserve a spot. This deposit is non-refundable. The rest of the fee must be paid at least a week before March 2nd 2019 **

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Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar
Torri Superiore, Italy


Kevin Campeau will share his extensive experience in Inner Journeying to accompany you in the evolution and depiction of your interior world. Through a series of exercises, both in nature & in the studio, you will learn to combine Automatic Drawing and Writing, to meet your inner guide – a figure who will lead you deeper into your own creative process. Through random swirls of acrylic paint you will bring forth & refine elemental realms (some fiery or watery, others telluric or ethereal) as a natural setting for your composition. Demonstrating the application of oils over acrylics, you will learn how to refine the figure and elaborate your own visionary realm.

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Workshop Vienna September 2018 Private Art Lessons

I have opened my atelier in the 3rd District of Vienna to individuals for private art lessons. I will tailor the content of the lesson(s) to their specific needs. I cover areas like:

- Acrylic painting techniques including my Vitreous Technique, a way of creating fluid 'glasslike' effects.

- Oil painting techniques including the traditional Mischtechnik, handed down from Prof. Ernst Fuchs.

- Traditional drawing techniques

Students can hire me at an hourly or half day rate.

You can book a private art lesson right now by clicking the Add to Cart Button. You will be directed to pay via Paypal or Credit Card. Once you've paid, please contact me to set up your appointment.

Alternately I accept bank transfer or cash payment. Please contact me.

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hourly rate EUR 30
half day rate EUR 100

Drawing Class 2018 Drawing Class
Coming soon

Past Workshops

The Alchemist's Guide Workshop Series - Prima Materia (Painting an Alchemical Portrait)
Prima Materia
Group Image Prima Materia Workshop


Alchemy is happening inside of each of us all of the time. It is the art of being alive, of transforming with every moment into something new. It is also the act of embracing all sides of oneself, the negative parts and the positive.

The Alchemist's Guide Workshop Series - 6 Day Painting Intensive
6 Day Painting Intensive
V6 Day Painting Intensive

This will be the second workshop in the Alchemist's Guide Workshop Series and will be in the form of an intensive focused on developing a painting in acrylics.

The Alchemist's Guide Workshop Series - Inner Journeying, Automatic Drawing and the Vitreous Painting Technique
Inner Journeying, Automatic Drawing and the Vitreous Painting Technique
Inner Journeying, Automatic Drawing and the Vitreous Painting Technique

Join me for 5 days of focused creative and alchemical exploration. Learn my Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying and open to sensitively connecting with your inner realms and inner guidance.

Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar
Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar
Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar

I'm blessed and so happy to be a teacher this year. I traveled from Canada in 2012 to take part in the seminar as a student.

Sacred Elements of Inner Journeying
Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar, Torri 2017
Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar, Torri 2017

With Alexandra Moskovchuk. Join us for a Guided Journey to your Creative Master, Automatic Drawing and Painting and an Inner Journey with drumming.