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Interested in learning painting or drawing from me?
I teach at art seminars, run my own painting workshops and I offer private art lessons you can take part in.
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"To say I was blown away by Kevin’s teachings is an understatement. From theory on the canvas, to theories of the soul, there isn’t a better person to learn such a holistic approach of painting from than him. His high caliber of technique and skill condenses his knowledge in a very approachable format that aims to level up artists of any level - from very beginners to experts. He focuses on each person to help them where they are at on their journey and adapts to each artist's needs, all while holding true to his own unique vision and unbelievably detailed works. These are my words to anyone thinking of taking the course but not fully sure - just DO IT. As amazing of a teacher that he is, he is also just an amazing all around human, who seeks to inspire and uplift those around him."
- Elias Hartford
Miami, USA

The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Fall Trimester 2019 The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art Fall Trimester 2019 The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Fall Trimester 2019
Vienna, Austria


"The Vehicle of the Will represents the inner and outer senses joined as one. As we take time to explore creatively in our lives we can begin to realize how many different sensual layers are involved in how that exploration takes place. Our inner senses are often treated as secondary to our outer ones and depending on how much we actually focus on working with them, may well go undeveloped. As gateways which lead directly to our ability to imagine anything, the potential they have to inform and expand our experiences is vast."

Teaching ways to locate, hone and balance your inner senses with your creative practice is what Kevin Campeau will be focusing on teaching in his 5 weeks with us at the academy.

He will guide you through the creation of one large work and one small work. Centering on the theme of 'The Vehicle of the Will', he will teach you about a series of practices, from Inner Journeying to Automatic Drawing to develop ideas, to drawing your compositions on toned paper and painting them on canvas in both acrylic and oil.

  • Kevin will begin by teaching you The Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying to help guide you to discovering/exploring your own inner cosmos. The primary goal will be to first connect you with your own inner senses in the form of Spirit Allies. On the way you will also be inspired with creative ideas for your compositions.
  • Throughout the 5 weeks several more Inner Journey sessions will take place to help you go deeper with the process. Each session includes the student using creative writing to record their journeys as well as a sharing circle.
  • He will also be discussing topics in relation to his personal experience with Inner Journeying spanning over 15 years. These include alternate meditative practices to help expand your connection with the inner senses, the development of a personal symbolic language, idea consolidation and the building of one's own Alchemical Memory Palace, dialoguing with Spirit Allies and ways of mapping inner territory.
  • After your initial Inner Journey, he will begin to share with you an array of art techniques. You will learn different ways of doing Automatic Drawing as a warm up exercise as well as to create unexpected movements, forms and contours to incorporate into your compositions.
  • Based on select imagery from your Inner Journey and the theme of 'The Vehicle of the Will', the joined inner and outer senses, you will then create drawings on toned paper with graphite and chalk to flesh out your compositions and work out values.
  • You will learn how to begin the first stages of your paintings in acrylic, creating dynamic imprimaturas (base layer) in mid-tones. You will learn how to make your own neutral tints to start building your forms and shadows and how to balance these with volumes and highlights in whites. You will then move into colour glazing with acrylics. During this time Kevin will also teach you his Vitreous Technique, a way of creating both dark and light glass-like effects.
  • About halfway through the course you will switch to painting in oils. Kevin will teach you how to enhance areas with oil color glazes and add finishing refinements and details to come to completing your works.
"The outer activities which we take part in relate to the development of our more subtle inner senses. Along the path of being an artist we often may begin to focus into just one or two of these 'hidden' senses, for instance into inner seeing or inner touch. Yet there are more present, like inner hearing, which are worth developing. This helps to give us a fuller 'picture' of ourselves and of others and of the things we are creating personally and collectively.

It may seem less important to spend time 'hearing' inner sound as a visual artist, yet from personal experience it is one inner sense which seems to catalyze the rapid expansion and connection of others. Take the spoken word for example. We say things that often map our movements – physically, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise. We use our words then to guide ourselves. Words evoke imagery, often memories. One word may have countless images connected to it in your imagination. These are countless possible portals which can be entered and explored with Inner Journeying.

We have the ability to condense and focus our inner senses to allow what we consider to be 'our' thoughts to speak up for themselves, to show us what they represent and symbolize on a deeper, more essential level. Not only does this lead to transformation and growth for us personally, but when we include these meaningful thoughts somehow in our work, by drawing or painting them directly or indirectly implying them, something highly intentional takes form which we can share. This intention is felt by others, it can be witnessed in the vibration of the work of art, and it acts to inspire transformation within them."

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Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar
Torri Superiore, Italy


Kevin Campeau will share his extensive experience in Inner Journeying to accompany you in the evolution and depiction of your interior world. Through a series of exercises, both in nature & in the studio, you will learn to combine Automatic Drawing and Writing, to meet your inner guide – a figure who will lead you deeper into your own creative process. Through random swirls of acrylic paint you will bring forth & refine elemental realms (some fiery or watery, others telluric or ethereal) as a natural setting for your composition. Demonstrating the application of oils over acrylics, you will learn how to refine the figure and elaborate your own visionary realm.

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Workshop Vienna September 2018 Private Art Lessons

I have opened my atelier in the 3rd District of Vienna to individuals for private art lessons. I will tailor the content of the lesson(s) to their specific needs. I cover areas like:

- Acrylic painting techniques including my Vitreous Technique, a way of creating fluid 'glasslike' effects.

- Oil painting techniques including the traditional Mischtechnik, handed down from Prof. Ernst Fuchs.

- Traditional drawing techniques

Students can hire me at an hourly or half day rate.

You can book a private art lesson right now by clicking the Add to Cart Button. You will be directed to pay via Paypal or Credit Card. Once you've paid, please contact me to set up your appointment.

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hourly rate EUR 30
half day rate EUR 100