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Inner Journeying

We all have a deep and hidden awareness in us, a knowing and a wisdom. Inner Journeying is essentially a specific set of alchemical activities which assist one in piercing the veil to uncover that awareness. The subtle inner senses yearn to be clarified. Intention and will call to be empowered and directed. Learning the Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying will support doing this as well as:

+ Exploring the depths of the imaginal realms
+ Generating many creative ideas and finding inspiration (dislodging creative blocks)
+ Meeting and dialoguing with inner archetypes and guides of all kinds
+ Developing one's own symbolic language
+ Activating spatial memory & creating memory palaces
+ Visualizing precise inner settings for meditational practices
+ Inner revival and healing!

One on One Inner Journey One-on-One Inner Journey session:

EUR 120 - 3 hrs

You learn the Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying with my experienced in-depth guidance.


My private atelier in the 3rd District of Vienna.

Required Materials: A notepad to write in and a pen/pencil

You can book your own Inner Journey session right now by clicking the Add to Cart Button. You will be directed to pay via Paypal or Credit Card. Once you've paid, please contact me to set up your appointment.

Alternately I accept bank transfer or cash payment. Please contact me.

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Group Inner Journey Group Inner Journey session:

EUR 30 per person - 1.5 hrs

Min of 5 - Max of 20 people

Everyone learns the Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying + has the option of engaging in a sharing circle afterward where they can speak about their experiences and ask me questions.

Location :

I will come to your group (within Vienna). The space should be comfortable and big enough for a group to be sitting/laying together on the floor.

Required Materials: A notepad and a pen/pencil

Please note: The price will vary depending on the number of participants.


Running parallel to art is the imagination, the wellspring of creative endeavour. Harnessing the ability to stay tapped into that spring and to flow as a creative person is an art in and unto itself. There are many meditative practices which a person can learn to do to stabilize themselves to receive creative inspiration. Over the years I've come to credit and trust through experience one such practice, what I've come to call Inner Journeying, a type of Shamanic Journeying.

My intention around the practice for the past 16 years has been focused on using it to connect with myself and others on a fundamental level for the purpose of inner healing. At the root and crown of what inner healing means to me is sensual reconstitution, the discovery of and bringing together of all the psychic elements, the alchemical union of the opposites...spiritual oneness.

One aspect of Inner Journeying is the activation of spatial memory through the repetitive practicing of it - a remembering as well as encouragement toward memorization of the inner space and its landmarks as well as more subtle, hidden qualities. While relating deeply with this aspect of the practice and discovering my own inner qualities, I realized Inner Journeying had become a certified way for me to progressively and repetitively respond to myself in different states of consciousness, including in dream, with precise intentional clarity.

This clarity of intention is a boon and a benefit as it develops, becoming a kind of psychic treasure, one that expands upon itself and modifies the journeyer's experience. It brings with it the potency that drives creative inspiration - the ability to speculate upon and dialogue with idea forms. This ability, especially for the creative individual, is like a fountain of life. It offers an endless stream of faceted impressions, deep ponderings and connected inner storylines to explore - all contained within the journeyer themselves.

Around 6 years ago I began transmitting the approach I use to do an inner journey to others. As I was giving one-on-one sessions I soon realized I was consecutively giving people three basic steps to follow that brought them to the distilled experience of an inner journey. And so I'd found a name for it, The Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying.

As I am transmitting the approach I am guiding the journeyer to pay attention and trust their inner impressions, to come out to themselves with intention while seeking their own inner guidance.