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Art Comissions

Interested in commissioning me to create an artwork for you?
I am currently available to take on drawing or painting commissions!

Some recent commissions

Asroth Emma, Acrylic on wood board 2021

Asroth Azoth, Graphite & Chalk 2018

Commissioning an original artwork

I have recently been taking on more commissions, working with clients to produce a beautiful image they will cherish. To get to this stage, there must be an open line of communication. The clearer the client can convey their ideas to me, the better I am able to incorporate them. Here are some things to consider before contacting me:

1)  What size would you like your artwork to be?

2)  What is your budget? The minimum cost of any commission is 200 euros.

3)  What sort of colour palette would you like included in the painting? If you are not sure, then I can make suggestions.

4)  If it is a drawing, would you prefer it on white/cream paper or on toned paper?

5)  Do you have a deadline by which the artwork should be completed? Take into account that larger works take longer to complete and paintings are more time consuming to create than drawings.

6)  If you wish the subject of the artwork to be a portrait of a specific person you must submit a high enough quality photograph of the person for me to work from. (Definition, lighting which is not too dim or too bright, etc.)

7)  If you wish the artwork to include a figure or figures the same applies. If you do not have photos, you can allow me to use part of the budget to hire a model or models to photograph myself in the intended poses and lighting.

8)  If the artwork is to be of a specific object or a specific landscape I absolutely need a photo or photos.

9)  Consider whether you want your artwork to be traditional/classic style without fantastic/imaginative elements, or if you would prefer some to be included.

The cost of each artwork will vary depending on the size, medium and time I need to complete it. Once I have the information above from you and we have discussed it together I can give you a quote on what the final cost will be. If you decide to hire me, I will ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit of the final cost to be paid. Once the artwork has been completed, paid for in full and delivered to you the client, it is a final sale and is not subject to return/refund.

Finally, as the artist I reserve the rights to reproducing the image. This means that you may not produce art prints or any other kind of product based on it to sell for your own gain.

Interested? Contact me with the information above and lets get started!